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Toilet & Dustbin

A portable toilet & Dustbin (also called a mobile Products) is a movable Products used in a variety of situations, like urban slums of developing countries, at festivals, for camping, or on boats


KPIC consist of a composition of high tech materials and offer many features and benefits:


  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Maintenance-free
  • Internal and external corrosion resistance


  • Easy handling
  • Unloading with light equipment
  • No heavy equipment necessary for installation

Easy installation

  • Savings in installation time
  • No heavy footings
  • No assembling on site
  • Easy inspection

Toilet & Dustbin Dimensions

Toilet : 1320 mm (L) X 1320 (W) mm X 2570 mm (H) , Dustbin : 450 mm (L) X 450 mm (W) X 1130 mm (H)

Available colours:

  • Blue, Yellow, White & Red

Special Features of Toilet & Dustbin

    LLDPE : Copolymer that is designed to provide excellent stress crack resistance, high rigidity, toughness, gloss and very low warpage. The resin contains UV stabilizer. Test specimens are prepared from compression moulded sheet made according to ASTM D-1928, procedure C.

    Rotomould Portable Toilet

    KPIC Portable toilet is made of highly UV protected LLDPE. Comfortable and easy to handle.
    • Height : 2570 mm
    • Width : 1320 mm
    • Length : 1320 mm
    • Capacity of water tank : 50 Gallon
    • Capacity of septic tank : 50 Gallon
    • Outlet : Dia 10 cm
    • Inlet : Dia 18 cm
    • Accessories :Toilet & Flush, Shower pipe, Sink

    Rotomould Polyethylene Dustbin

    KPIC Dustbin is made of highly UV protected LLDPE. Comfortable and easy to handle.
    • Height : 1130 mm
    • Width : 450 mm
    • Length : 450 mm
    • Accessories : Cover with hole

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