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GRP Sectional Panel Tank

GRP ‘Hot Pressed’ Sectional Panel Tank has an excellent corrosion-resistant panels, the surface of the tank is uniformly smooth without any mass growth, therefore enable long-term use as the panels inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and other various germs by perfectly blocking all light from outside.
Sectional tank utilizes horizontal and vertical space at the maximum and those are suitable for tanks of large capacities. It operates a corner type system.


  • UV Protection: Incorporated in the SMC formulation. Ensures long panel life.
  • Smooth Finish on Both Sides: Smooth gelcoat like finish on both sides. Ensures hygiene, does not harbor foreign matter. Easy cleaning of the tanks.
  • Tolerance + 0.50 mm: Accurately drilled and aligned bolt holes. Uniform compression of the gasket throughout the flange length.
  • 100% Cure of GRP (Hot Press):Minimum distortion of panel flanges. Negligible residual styrene suitable for storing potable water.
  • Maintenance Free Panel Finish: Eliminates painting of the external tank surface.
  • Matched Pressure Die Molding: Uniform thickness, void free panels. Guarantees uniformity of product
  • Opaque Molding: Eliminates light transmission through panels. Eliminates possibility of algae & fungus growth.
  • Isophthalic Polyester Resin (SMC): High heat distortion temperature (+100 C). Panels do not distort in extreme summer conditions of Middle East Countries. Resistant to sea water, mild acids and alkaliine.
  • Nuts, Bolts & Washers: Bolts, nuts & rods in contact with water are S/S grade 316.External Bolts and nuts are S/S grade 316. All nuts, bolts and washers for roof panels will be S/S grade 316 and other steel supports. Steel corners, brackets and plates will be hot dip galvanized.
  • Steel Skid: Steel skid epoxy painted. Steel skid required for 1.5 m height & above only.
  • Ladders: One Internal (GRP) ladder for 1.5 mtrs. height & above only. One External (Galvanized) ladder for 1.5 mtrs. height & above only.
  • Water Indicators: One Water level indicator for 2 mtrs. height & above only.
  • Materials Specifications: a. ¾” Clear Acrylic Pipe b. 2 pcs. 3/4” PVC Elbow (one side threaded0 c. 1 pc. ¾” PVC Coupling d. 1 pc. ¾” PVC Nipple e. 1 pc. ¾” Gate Valve
  • Manhole & Fittings (Inlet, Outlet, overflow and drain): One Manhole access cover will be provided to the tank.
  • PVC Flange fittings: inlet, outlet, overflow and drain included to the tank (as per the client’s requirement). Available sizes” 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3”

Panel Physical Properties

  • Method of Manufacture Hot Press Molded
  • Specific Gravity 1.8
  • Tensile Strength 100 MPA
  • Flexural Strength 220 MPA
  • Impact Strength 180 Kg/m²
  • Shear Strength 94.1 MPA
  • Bending Strength 80 MPA (8.16 Kg/ mm²)
  • Flexural Modulus 12 GPA
  • Thermal Expansion 2.0 x 10-⁵ °C
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.2 Kcal/m. hr. °C
  • Overall Heat Transmission 0.6 W/m² K
  • Water Absorption < 0.2%
  • Light Transmission 0.0
  • Insulation Thickness 35 mm
  • Glass Content 32%
  • Ultra Violet Rays Resistant
  • Barcol Hardness Min. 45


To be carried out by KPIC approved installers, for warranty to be valid.
Insulation tape SEBS material WITH high density foam/butyl sealing strip to be used covering full width of panel flange providing a water tight seal.

Commissioning and Testing

Testing shall be carried out upon completion of Installation of a mechanical contractor and should be completed within ten working days of assembly. This shall include the final setting of float valves level switches and any other connection which requires setting.
The testing and compliance of panels, sealant , Connections and fixing shall be as listed in WRAS Water Fittings and Materials Directory and current water regulations.

GRP Sectional Panel Tank Dimensions

Available colours:

  • Different

Special Features of GRP Sectional Panel Tank

    Installation Detail  for  Sectional tank

    GRP Hot Pressed Sectional Panel Tank  is well assembled  by KPIC
    • For 2m height, internal bracing is used.
    • For 2.5m and above height, external bracing is used.
    • For 2m height, only L-angle is used as external bracing.
    • For 2.5m and above, using L-angle for corner & additional U-channel as external bracing. The rod is used as external on top of panel piece.
    • For L-angle (corner external bracing) is HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanized) and U channel (additional external bracing) is epoxy painted.
    1. Foundation: Foundation of Panel Tanks must be prepared as per the sketch provided by us.
    2. After finishing the foundation: Panel pieces will be joined with help of Gasket and Nut Bolt Washers + Silicon rubber sealant (food grade) for added waterproofing.
    3. In the process of connecting the Panel pieces • First is to connect the bottom pieces and after preparing the base (bottom panels) • Side Panels should be connected with the L-Angle. L-Angle should be placed vertically at the corners of the tank.
    4. After connecting the side at two faces rectangular connect the top including the main hole and set 3” PVC support pipe vertically to provide support to the top panels, lastly connect the remaining side pieces. C-Channels - while connecting the side panels c-channels should be connected with them together.

    There are two system of bracing of panel tank:

    • 4.1. Internal Reinforcement structure (tie rod).
    • 4.2. External Reinforcement structure (L-angle).
    Internal Reinforcement Structure In this system we use to provide strength with panel tanks internally by putting SS 316 grade, 12mm SS Tie Rod. We use to put the tie rods at a particular place where corners of four side panels meet together .it is locked with stay plate. Tie rod should be fixed after finishing all the joining process of panel pieces External Reinforcement Structure In this system we use to provide strength externally to the panel tank by putting u-channels at the every joint vertically and it is locked from two places, at the bottom with steel skid and at the top it is locked with tie rods to avoid any displacement of u-channels.

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