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Rectangular Tank

Manufactured to the best quality with less maintenance. Our tanks are designed to protect against mold, microorganisms, bacterias, fungi & algae. Produced from non toxic material and approved for storage and handling potable water as well as Insulated from external heat.


  • Corrosion Free
  • Easy handling and installation
  • Proven resistance to acidic environment in water system
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low transport cost
  • Weight Advantages
  • Portable
  • Flexibility


  • Drinking Water tank
  • Septic tank
  • Sewage Water tank
  • Potable Water tank
  • Irrigation water tank


LLDPE  : Copolymer is designed to provide excellent stress crack resistance, high rigidity, toughness, gloss and very low warpage. The resin contains UV stabilizer.

Rectangular Tank Dimensions

100 GALLON1300 MM 985 MM390 MM
200 GALLON1565 MM 1285 MM430 MM
400 GALLON2000 MM 1880 MM490 MM
500 GALLON2000 MM 2000 MM5090 MM

Available colours:

  • White - Black

Special Features of Rectangular Tank

    • Skin Thickness:  Up to 10 mm
    • No. of Chambers:  One
    • Manhole Diameter:  up to 500
    • Inlet Connection:  up to 6 inch dia uPVC Pipe
    • Outlet Connection:  up to 6 inch dia uPVC Pipe
    • Air Vent:  up to 20 mm height and 30 mm dia
    • Layers Properties:  3 layers (White, Black, White)

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