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GRP Ladder

Tietan Fibreglass Ladders are manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic
Pultruded structural sections, which when compared on a weight for weight basis, are far stronger than their metal equivalents. Composite ladders are ideally suited for installation in corrosive environments,
such as those found in the water, waste, marine, and chemical industries.

• Chemical Plants
• Water & Waste Treatment Plants
• Marine & Offshore
• Petrochemical
• Power Stations & Sub-Stations
• Moreover, many other applications requiring
• safe access to raised and underground areas.

All ladders are 600 mm wide overall, with rungs 500 mm wide. Other bespoke sizes are available to suit individual site requirements upon request.

GRP Ladder Dimensions

Any Size and Dimensions

Available colours:

  • Any Colours

Special Features of GRP Ladder

    Standard Ladder This is typically a straight ladder that could be used in a chamber or manhole to aid access through a trap door. Foot and Wall brackets are generally used, as it is generally easier to set the ladder on the floor and then fix. A raised ladder may be specified in some situations, for example, to prevent ragging up in a sewer. Ladder with Safety Cage Similar applications to a standard ladder, however for all ladders above 6m high, a safety cage must be included. Ladder with a Walkthrough Top (As per drawing) The top of the ladder is widened to allow ease of use, and is normally used to gain access to platforms with handrails. Tietan Fiberglass (GRP) Ladders are available in either white or Grey, and we can manufacture in-house to suit your exact site specifications

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