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Fire Water Tank

KPIC GRP Fire water tanks, provide high strength, corrosion resistant, less maintenance & long service life, our tanks are highly resistance to fire. Protected against mold, micro organisms, bacterias, fungi & algae.
Non-toxic approved for storage and handling potable water.


  • Fire Water tanks


  • Water proofing
  • Corrosion Free
  • Easy for handling and installation
  • Proven resistance to acidic environmental in water system
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low transport cost
  • Weight Advantages
  • High Strength
  • Flexibility


Resin : Fire rated resin is especially suitable for the production of articles where high fire retardant properties are required . Laminate(3,5-4,0 mm thick) built up with surface layer of fire rated Gelcoat gave a class 0 rating when tested
As per following specifications BS476 : fire tests on building material and structure BS 476 part 6 : Method test for fire propagation for products BS 476 past 7 : Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of products
Reinforcement : E- Glass Fiber
Catalyst : MEK Peroxide

Fire Water Tank Dimensions

3000 GALLON 1900 MM 4800 MM 2000 MM 4 MM
4000 GALLON 2200 MM 4000 MM 2300 MM 5 MM
5000 GALLON 2200 MM 5500 MM 2300 MM 6 MM
6000 GALLON 2400 MM 5500 MM 2500 MM 6 MM
10000 GALLON 2850 MM 6650 MM 2950 MM 10 MM
10000 GALLON 2400 MM 8800 MM 2500 MM 10 MM
10000 GALLON (V)3500MM 4500 MM 11 MM
15000 GALLON 2400 MM 12000 MM 2500 MM 10 MM
15000 GALLON 2850 MM 9500 MM 2950 MM 10 MM
13200 GALLON (V) 3500 MM 5300 MM 15 MM

Available colours:

  • White

Special Features of Fire Water Tank



both hydrostatic and dynamic water pressure. Our water tank is tested in an accredited test laboratory in United Kingdom as per BS 6920 – 2000 up to 50°C. KPIC polyethylene tanks are manufactured by means of rotational molding process under strict quality control and hygienic condition. KPIC is certified to ISO 9001 – 2000 in which quality system has been organized to comply with international standards. Our tanks are produced with 100% virgin resin, which meets FDA specifications for potable water. Our tanks are warranty for 5 years against any manufacturing defect.

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