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GRP Decorative Item

All of our products, whether bespoke or from one of our standard ranges, are made by hand in our factories in Qatar. We are known for our attention to detail, and our ability to work on projects of every scale and style.
KPIC work on private houses, commercial , interiors, exterior work, new build and historic restorations. We offer a complete resource for your project in-house, including surveying, reports and advice, design, modeling, mould work, manufacture and installation.
We have a significant collection of standard architectural mouldings, carefully and authentically designed, including our range of cornices. We are equally renowned for our bespoke manufacturing services, and use of GRP fiberglass for restoration work. Our products are designed for interior and exterior use, able to simulate stones, metals and other finishes with accuracy.


Made by Hand : The skills required to create fine GRP decorative item work and mouldings are special, and over the years our techniques for hand-modelling and mould making have developed to be second-to-none. Every single product that leaves our factory be it an off-the-shelf moulding or highly ornate bespoke design is made by hand.
Details you can Trust : Our decorative items are renowned for our attention to detail, in both our bespoke and standard ranges.
Standard Products : KPIC produces a wide variety of carefully designed architectural mouldings and products, for interior and exterior use.

  • Cornices
  • GRP Shelters
  • Niches & Arches
  • Columns & Pilasters
  • Exterior Products
  • Stair Railing
  • Window Surrounds
  • GRP Roof Dome

Restoration & Bespoke : KPIC deliver complex bespoke work, at any scale, both for new-build and restoration projects.
We are used to working closely with architects and interior designers, as well as directly with private clients. We can produce unique details, plain or or- namented, of any scale or size, according the design detail provided.


Resin : A polyester resin of medium viscosity which meets the requirements of BS3532 : 1990, as a Type “A”resin. Test methods as in BS 2782:1980
Gelcoat : It is designed for use in the marine, building and transport industries. It is also suitable for general moulding requirements.
Reinforcement : E- Glass Fiber
Catalyst : MEK Peroxide

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Special Features of GRP Decorative Item

Standard Products

KPIC produce a wide variety of carefully designed architectural mouldings and products, for interior and exterior use. Cornices Our decorative item range of cornices, inspired by historical cornices in Qatar, is now established as a market leader. Niches & Arches We create custom made GRP niches and arches, which can be simply built into plain openings and walls to create rich architectural detail. Columns & Pilasters We produce a range of columns and pilasters. The five orders, Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian & Composite form the core of the collection, and we are introducing a range of Greek revival columns to provide even greater design choice. Exterior Products KPIC manufacture a range of door pediments, GRP dome, railings and shades etc. These are produced in a series of custom sizes, and can be customized to suit your own requirements. Exterior mouldings can be produced in GRP design choice. GRP Shelters GRP personnel shelters offer high security protection in exposed locations and in accordance with building regulations. available any size & shape Shades Our range of product includes Car Parking Shades,Car Park Structures, Roofing Shades, Roofing Structures, Space Frame Structures and Sun Shades. Along with these, we also offer, Walkway shades Structure, Fixed Structures shades made of Fiber Glass manufacture in Qatar as per design. Window Surrounds GRP window surrounds provide an affordable solution to adding architectural detail as the focus of a window. We are expanding our range of window and door surrounds with a new range of carefully designed window surrounds to complement our other architectural mouldings. Special Edition Ranges Over the year, KPIC has built up a large archive of architectural pieces and special elements. We are pleased to introduce a selection for the Special Edition Range on demand.

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